Wholesale finance

You manufacture or import professional equipment and have your own distribution network. You want to outsource the management of your resellers’ credit lines to optimise your cash flow and ensure your invoices get paid.

We finance stock for your resellers and manage the financial flow between your company and your distribution network. We take full responsibility for your invoices, including the financing, non-payment risk, management and recovery of these amounts.

The benefits of our solutions:

Benefits to you :

  • Optimise cash flow with invoices that are settled quickly.
  • Guarantee payment as invoices are sold to BNP Paribas Leasing Solutions, a reliable bank that takes on their full management including recovery and reminders.
  • Deconsolidate your balance sheet. Credit lines are no longer included in the balance sheet, reducing tax liability and making your company more profitable.
  • Sell more lines into your distributor by providing the finance needed to diversify their inventory.

Benefits to your distributors :

  • The ability to buy ‘more and better’ thanks to higher credit lines.
  • Tailored payment terms adapted to their sales cycle.
  • Online information system to report sales.

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